The Sufferhead Original is a craft beer project inspired by the food tastest and experiences of Africans living in Europe, tackling some of the perceived stereotypes, politics of difference and integration associated with their expatriate fate, trough the brewing and branding of the beer. 

The project uses the language of commercial advertising to obscure the realms between art and marketing while making connections between Europe’s nations of purity, its African immigrant community, and the immigrant experience a whole.  

Commissioned by MINI/Goethe-Institut Curatorial Residencies Ludlow 38 for the exhibition Emeka Ogboh — Das Afrikanische Bierlaboratorium I, curated by Nina Tabassomi, 2016


Idee: Emeka Ogboh
Script & Regie: Marius Flucht

Kuratorin: Nina Tabassomi, Ludlow38
DoP: Paul Maximilian Näther
Ton: Karsten Brinkmann

Set-Design: Steffi Bühlmaier

Producing: Sonja Heitmann & Uschi Feldges

Sufferhead Design: Leila Tabassomi & Fratelli Walter

Sufferhead Jingle: Mendo Hakeem